About us

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The Water Clinic Since its formation the Water Clinic has held to the core principles that earned them the trust of  their customers: •Integrity in all areas of business•Providing only the best quality of products available•Fair and competitive pricing•Hire and retain the best employees available•Continuous education and training of all employees which enables us to provide Superior Customer Service. The Water Clinic continues to maintain the conviction that superior products and services offered with integrity, reliability and efficiency can create a solid foundation for business growth. While any entrepreneurial venture is difficult during the early years, the Water Clinic quickly established a reputation in Palm Beach County for in-depth industry knowledge, a great work ethic and superb service. Since those early days, the top builders, plumbers and service providers now refer almost exclusively to the Water Clinic. The company continues to demonstrate a solid business plan and business philosophy that produces consistent growth year-after-year and has established a sterling reputation in the community. Since its beginning, the Water Clinic has continued to expand through internal growth as well as acquiring other well run companies. By controlled growth we have been able to maintain a high level of customer services while offering additional services to our customers.